Millie at the Hilton Milwaukee

Meet Milwaukee’s First and Only Canine Concierge

The Milwaukee Downtown Hilton is like a dog with a bone. But, as they say, every dog has his day.

It’s a wonder Milwaukee’s Downtown Hilton continues to offer rooms, considering most guests these days seem to be checking in mainly to see Millie. At just seven months old, miniature Goldendoodle and “Canine Concierge” Millie is fairly new to the hotel. Alongside owner Rusty Dahler, Millie works doggedly at the door, clocking about 40 hours per week greeting hotel guests and curious passersby.

The Hilton compares Millie’s presence to that of Eloise at the Plaza. Except, you know, she’s a dog, not a mischievous little girl. And she doesn’t live in a luxurious, pink suite at the Plaza. She simply works at the Hilton.

Nevertheless, the Hilton commends dynamic duo Millie and Rusty as they greet hundreds of guests daily with a warm welcome. (Or should I say, wag?)

And for those who are hashtag-not-impressed, dog-phobic or, worst of all, allergic — fear not. Millie’s fur is hypoallergenic, and her size petite. So far guests have found her presence so adorably unexpected that she requires a sign next to her while she sleeps, proclaiming, “Yes, she’s real.”

Millie has gained quite a following on social media as well: Instagram to be exact. As followers succumb to her gorgeous, golden locks, she leaps (sometimes literally — she is a dog, after all) at any opportunity to build relationships with the Milwaukee community. So far she’s filled in as Easter bunny, marched in the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, dressed as a jockey for Derby Day photo ops and assisted in janitorial duties. In other words, she’s basically running a mayoral campaign.

It’s a wonder how she achieves work-life balance with such a busy appointment book of Hilton-related social obligations. But it seems the real question is, without Millie’s time and dedication, where would the hotel be today?

We can only assume that it would go to the dogs.


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