Meet German Fest’s Featured Polka Band

Polkas, schlager, plus some plain ol’ rock ’n’ roll are just a few of the genres Alpine Blast will bring to German Fest this year. We asked two members of the trio about one of their favorite gigs. 

You’ve been described as “Milwaukee’s premier Oktoberfest band.” How did you make it to this point? 

Thomas Dietrich: Bruce [Schuetz] is one of the best yodelers in the U.S. for sure. But it’s not so much the music we play. People can see we’re having fun and trying to get a party going. And we usually go with the flow – we have close to 200 songs to choose from and we just kind of see where the crowd is going. 


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What’s special to you about German Fest? 

TD: We get to play big stages with enthusiastic audiences. In 2004, I came to the States with a band from Germany and I met my wife at German Fest, so you can imagine it holds a special place in my heart.  

Bruce Schuetz: My dad was one of the original founding members, and I’ve been playing there since the very first fest. You get some really nice crowds, and everyone is receptive to what we’re doing. These people came for a good time – let’s show them a good time. 

How do you describe a perfect day at the fest? 

BS: Drink beer. Eat food. And listen to good music.


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