March 2016 Issue: On the Move

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On the Move
Millennials are buying homes. Short-term rental services like Airbnb have found a market here. These and many other red-hot real estate revelations fill out this property package.
Written by Maggie Ginsberg, Erik Gunn, Claire Hanan, Matt Hrodey, Jonathan Powell, Rich Rovito, Daniel Simmons & Carolyn Kott Washburne

Behind the Walls
Victims meeting face-to-face with criminals — a concept known as restorative justice — may be a radical approach to forgiveness and healing. Or a deeply moving one.
By Zach Brooke | Photos by Sara Stathas 

Giving Bonobos a Hand
… when this endangered species needs it most. Meet the surgeon who’s helping keep Milwaukee’s bonobos — our zoo has the world’s largest captive community — swinging from branch to branch.
By Lisa Black 

Home Base
Interim editor Howie Magner’s March letter to our readers.
By Howie Magner


Pay Stubs
Originally meant to prevent delays, Wisconsin’s prompt payment law has come to mean hefty payouts for private businesses.
By Claire Hanan

Palm Pilot
Handheld gaming from Candy Crush to Catan.

By Matt Hrodey

Fun House
Life amid the plasma globes at Lytheria.
By Zach Brooke

Youth and Vigor
By Matt Hrodey

Tall and Gorgeous
Before Calatrava, a space needle sought to define the city.
By Matthew J. Prigge

The Jinx
When a well-worn political springboard falls short.
By Larry Sandler


Sister Act
A dynamic blogging duo on their wide-ranging appeal.
By Claire Hanan

On the Download
No dial necessary for these standout local podcasts.
By Kevin Mueller

OMG Love!
We plumbed a recent Public Policy Forum survey on millennials’ cultural desires.
By Claire Hanan

Down and Out
We review ‘Evicted: Poverty and profit in the American City.’
By Kristine Hansen

Eau de Bay View
Where buzzy skincare trends collide.
By Ann Christenson

Space Jams
We review Space Raft’s ‘Rubicon.’
By Kevin Mueller

Variety Show
From sandwiches to surrealism.
By Debra Brehmer

Get Appy
We review two hand-held docents and conclude they’re not just for kids.
By Claire Hanan

Best bets for March events.
By Claire Hanan


The One Constant
How one family hands baseball down through generations.
By C.J. Hribal 


Social Hour
Merriment Social’s old warehouse venue is Fifth Ward stylish. Its evolving menu seems the antidote for ennui.
By Ann Christenson

Taking the Heat
To this Riverwest chef, a restaurant kitchen should come with a healthy dose of passion.
By Ann Christenson

You Saucy Thing
We review MKE-made colonel Pabst Worcestershire.
By Ann Christenson

‘Mino Streak
Camino is another reason Walker’s Point is a strong point of reference.
By Ann Christenson

Getting Mugged
The handmade drinking vessels sold by these local cafes match the bold roasts.
By Ann Christenson

No Haughty Hops
We review Hartland’s Beer Snobs Ale & Eats.
By Dan Murphy


Alverno Presents has been a Milwaukee fixture since 1959. Now it’s being discontinued. Soon-to-be former director David Ravel takes stock.
By Paul Kosidowski 


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