Lost Whale’s Uber-Cool Patio is Becoming a Permanent Fixture

This patio is here to stay.

So this summer, everybody who didn’t have a patio and could have a patio made sure they created one. We all know why.

One of the sweetest ones I’ve seen belongs to the Bay View bar Lost Whale (2151 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.). Owners Tripper Duval and Daniel Beres built it around a tiki drink menu – more on that in a second. The patio is really a yard enclosed by a tent. Inside the tent is a bar, some well-spaced-out seating and several attractive heating contraptions for outdoor warmth.

Photo courtesy of Lost Whale




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The name for this outdoor experience, tiki drinks included is PufferFish. And with the owners’ investment in heating, PufferFish is here to stay for the foreseeable future. They accept reservations for parties of 2 to 6 (with a $15 deposit per person, which is applied to the final bill). Masks are required when you enter, when you’re away from your table, and when you leave. The reservation is for a two-hour experience. Make your reservation here.    

As for the drinks, the menu has roughly a dozen cocktails, along with beer, hard seltzer and a few other options. Four cocktails are Whale classics – a Harvey Wallbanger, Wisconsin old fashioned, negroni spritz, and Jenny From the Block, which has two kinds of rum, Rishi white tea syrup, Bittercube Jamaican bitters and mango bursting bobo.

Under the “Tropical” banner, there’s a mai tai and creations such as PufferFish (of course! Which is a take on the fruity, gin-based Saturn), The Devil’s Workshop (an interesting one, this, with two rums, banana, lime and Bittercube root beer and cherry bark vanilla bitters) and Vicious Virgin #3 (which is – naturally – a riff on Vicious Virgin #2 , with rum, grapefruit, almond orgeat and more). Cocktails $9-$13.

Photo courtesy of Lost Whale



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