Let’s Talk About the ‘And Just Like That…’ Finale

After nine episodes, one divorce, a not-so-Big kiss and several new friends…we finally got to the place where we wanted to be all along in the finale of ‘And Just Like That…’


Who are we? We are as follows:

Carole Nicksin (she, her) is just a few years older than the ladies in the series. She lived in New York City for over 30 years, including the era when the original series aired.

Destiny DeVooght (they, them) was hardly old enough to read when Sex and The City wrapped in 2004, but they are no less dedicated to the universe that is home to Carrie Bradshaw and her dreamy rent-controlled apartment.


Carrie found some closure with the help of Big’s ghost, a reading lamp and a very strange dream.

Meanwhile, Charlotte threw a “they-mitzva” for Rock that went completely off the rails, which she seemed to care about more than Harry did, and Miranda decided to follow Che to LA so she can sit in the audience and laugh.

Spoiler alert: They’re all over. Let’s dive in.


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They-Mitzvas and California Girls

DD: I think we should begin in the middle, because that scene with Carrie and Miranda in the bathroom at the they-mitzva felt like a turning point for them. Carrie called back to what Miranda said to her way back when she was running off to Paris with Sculptor, but it didn’t seem like bitterness. What did you think?

CN: I thought Carrie was being so judge-y again. Carrie can’t seem to be supportive of Miranda exploring this new side to herself. We could chalk it up to her grief, but I think her real problem is with seeing her friend in a new way.

DD: So, you don’t think Carrie is angry that Miranda is doing all the things she used to scold Carrie for?

CN: I hear you, but I think that would express itself more directly. I’m sticking to my first read of it, which is that Carrie for whatever reason needs Miranda to stay the same as she’s always been. She needs Miranda to not infringe on her territory of being the “free spirit.”

DD: I like that perspective. I think we would really benefit from Carrie’s voiceover telling us exactly what she’s thinking in these moments.

CN: I do miss her overview of what’s going on. What did you think about Che this week?

DD: I thought they were just as annoying as ever. To spring that whole thing on Miranda like that was just thoughtless, and her parents weren’t even there!

CN: I agree, especially because Miranda showed up to a nightclub dressed for church – I would have felt terrible the moment I walked in! Then, to make it all more threatening, Che chose “California Girls” to break the news!

DD: Hold on, what’s that song even about?

CN: It’s all about how wonderful the women are in California. They’re basically celebrating this whole new territory of women that will be available to them. They could have gone with “California Dreaming” or the rap song, “Going Back To Cali,” or really any number of other options. It’s no surprise that Miranda was drinking heavily, whether that was liquor or water.

DD: Either way, she was clearly thrown off by it all. How long can Miranda keep up with the hot and cold of it all?

New Friends and Hot Pants

CN: Let’s talk about how their new friends fit into this. Did you notice that all three of them went to their new friends for guidance or with good news before going to each other?

DD: I did, and I think it’s nice to see these new characters developing on their own. I also think it adds more perspective to the ladies’ experiences.

CN: True, and how about Samantha? It’s very clever how the writers include her without including Kim Cattrall.

DD: Totally – and they finally had cocktails when Carrie was in Paris. I would kill to be in that bar. What are your thoughts on Harry and Charlotte this week?

CN: As always, they are strong and steady, and I loved seeing Harry bribing Rock before the ceremony. I did think it was odd that he’s the one who grew up in the Jewish faith, while Charlotte joined when they wanted to get married, and yet he was much less passionate about Rock participating than Charlotte seemed to be.

DD: Anthony and Charlotte are carrying that they-mitzva to be honest. I thought it was hilarious that Anthony gave Rock a talking-to about studying their lines, but they didn’t end up following through anyways. Like, what was the point!

CN: Anthony had a lot of great moments this week, my favorite being when the bread guys came out in the hot pants and he said, “I don’t know if they’re Jewish, but they are all cut.”

DD: Charlotte was so reassured!

CN: Yes! Of course, we are to believe that Anthony knows firsthand.

Ghost In the Lamp

DD: I have to ask – Where on Earth did Carrie find a lamp store? They’ve gone to flatware stores, couch stores, desk stores and now this?

CN: Actually, the nice thing about New York is that there was once a store for everything you need. But these mom-and-pop specialty shops are dying fast. As soon as you find one, you can be sure it’ll be gone within a month.

DD: Okay, so it’s not so far-fetched. I still can’t get over the look of total heartbreak when Carrie picked up the lamp and learned that there was a faulty wire, and he had fixed it. What did she think he was going to do; tell her he’d found a ghost in it?

CN: Right! I loved when she was talking to the lamp and Big apparently waited to flicker the light until she had given up on him and was feeling a little delusional. She said, “Oh that is so you.”

DD: That was a treat. I’m just so glad that something happened and now she has closure.

CN: For sure. But what about the Versace couture for tossing the ashes?

DD: I thought it was glamourous!

CN: No. When she was 30 it would have been charming. But when you’re middle-aged, you’re in crazy-lady territory! Imagine if you saw me walking down Farwell Avenue in a Versace ballgown. You know, ‘meet me at Zaffiro’s, I’ll be the one in couture.’ You would be like, call a doctor.

DD: That’s so harsh! But also sort of true. anyways, overall then what did you think of the whole season now that we know the end?

CN: Well, with this episode, I think we finally got to the place where we wanted to be all along. Characters are engaged, there’s a lot going on, there’s some old and some new traits that make sense and there’s lots of passion. It was a very satisfying episode. And, I predict that the rabbi will join Carrie on her new podcast, being that she was such a standout and mediated between Carrie and Miranda so well.

DD: Yes to all of that, and I will be manifesting a second season every day until it happens. I’m stuck on that final moment, when she says, “I’m Carrie Bradshaw, and this is Sex in the City” – I literally burst into tears at that little bit of nostalgia.

CN: I’ve always said that you are such a softie