Let’s Talk About ‘And Just Like That…’: Episode 8

In this week’s episode, Miranda makes a bold move while Carrie and Charlotte don’t do much of anything.


Just when you think you’ve got them all figured out, Carrie and the crew switch up their roles and we are left to decipher what exactly they were thinking.

Who are we? We are as follows:

Carole Nicksin (she, her) is just a few years older than the ladies in the series. She lived in New York City for over 30 years, including the era when the original series aired.

Destiny DeVooght (they, them) was hardly old enough to read when Sex and The City wrapped in 2004, but they are no less dedicated to the universe that is home to Carrie Bradshaw and her dreamy rent-controlled apartment.


Miranda made a life-changing decision and blew up her life, again, while Carrie focused her attention on her mysterious (and young!) new neighbor.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has the most active sex life of the group (where is Samantha when we need her?) and creating a sex-positive household is suddenly very important to her.

Spoiler Alert: There are plenty of them! Let’s jump in.



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The Meat of The Matter

CN: I thought this episode was a little disjointed. Aside from Miranda and Che moving forward, what really happened?

DD: I felt like this episode was the calm before the storm, in a way. Besides Miranda, everyone is sort of going about what we are meant to think is normal life. Something must be brewing for the next episode.

CN: Yes! I got the same impression.

DD: I thought the title, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” was clever. I think Miranda is supposed to be bewitched, Carrie was bothered by her noisy neighbors and Charlotte was bewildered—by her daughter’s provocative photos on Insta.

CN: That’s a very interesting read! I agree! You know, that’s the title of an old showtune.

DD: It is? Never heard of it.

CN: And when I say old, I mean like, even older than me.

DD: Got it. So anyway, I think we need to talk about the penises. Have you heard the phrase, “If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I would have two nickels, which, isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice”?

CN: Yes, we did get some full frontal with the neighbor’s boyfriend, and then a quick peek at Harry’s jewels. Speaking of Harry, why do you think Carrie and Miranda were so shocked that Charlotte still performs oral sex on her husband?

DD: I don’t know but knowing them, it seems odd that they haven’t talked about this before.

CN: I was just surprised at their prudish response and asking if it was his birthday.

DD: Or asking if he was dying, which was honestly hilarious.

CN: Right! Well, let’s get into the meat of the matter.

DD: Seems like this might be the meat of the matter.

CN: You know what I mean. Moving right along.

U-Hauls And RomComs

DD: I think it is unbelievable that Miranda and Che have been hooking up for three weeks, and they never talked about Steve. Are we supposed to believe that Che assumed that they had an open marriage?

CN: Honestly, I had a hard time buying into Che’s outrage in the park. If it’s an issue, it would have come up by now. And what was that “traditional relationship” qualifier—when Che told Miranda they love her, but they can’t have a traditional relationship?

DD: An open relationship? I just cannot see Miranda being okay with that.

CN: I totally agree.

DD: So, what’s next for Miranda then?

CN: Whether for the suspense or foreshadowing, I think they are setting us up to wonder if Che will be with someone else when Miranda gets to Cleveland.

DD: That would be hard. She said in the cab that she felt like she was in a romantic comedy. The Miranda we know and love would have scoffed at this kind of comment.

CN: Yes, certainly!

DD: I think the writers are doing the whirlwind first-queer-love perfectly, though. In my experience, this is classic U-hauling.

CN: Hold up. What is U-Hauling?

DD: You know that joke, what does a lesbian bring to a second date?

CN: What?

DD: A U-Haul. You know, the urge to merge.

CN: Ah, got it. Go on.

DD: She’s had a queer awaking with Che, and now she is addicted to, and in love with, this new world that Che has introduced her to. It’s real, if a bit self-involved. She’s feeling all the feelings.

CN: I thought it was a little sad when Miranda was so giddy on her way to chase down Che in Ohio. This probably feels like the best day of Miranda’s life, but it’s probably the worst day of Steve’s life. Just like that, I’m feeling sympathetic to Steve.

DD: Finally!

CN: I thought the scene on the couch with Miranda and Steve was really well done. The whole look, with the curtains drawn, and Steve being so articulate about his feelings, it was very heartbreaking and touching.

DD: Honestly, I teared up a bit.

CN: Softie.

Is Carrie the New Charlotte?

CN: Carrie isn’t being very supportive of Miranda. Is her response realistic when her friend is clearly so over-the-moon happy?

DD: She seems like she is forgetting that at one point that was her, having an affair with Big.

CN: It struck me as very judge-y. I would not have wanted Carrie as a friend at that moment. She was being very sour.

DD: Right, no one is acting like themselves.

CN: And I could not figure out what the ending scene in the Versace dress meant, if anything.

DD: Yes! And that ending quote, “I learned that there are some things that should never be put into storage.” She is literally just saying words!

CN: It was presented like a profound metaphor, but a metaphor for what?

DD: I know that I am wrong about this, but I am choosing to believe that it’s a coming-out-of-the-closet joke, and my only evidence is that they chose a Big Freedia song for the closing credits.

CN: See? That’s why we’re a good team. I have no idea who Big Freedia is, and you’ve never heard “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”!

DD: You’ve never heard of Big Freedia?

CN: Nope. Anyway, perhaps we are giving the writers too much credit, but I do think that the only interpretation of Carrie’s musing is a Freudian one – Are they hinting at Carrie becoming sexually active?

DD: I sure hope so.

CN: You know, aside from Miranda’s arc, there wasn’t a hell of a lot going on this week. I think what we need is more sex in this city.