Learning These 4 Things Could Someday Save Your Pet’s Life

Learn CPR for your BFF

Prepare for a pet emergency by learning CPR and first aid for animals. Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals offers workshops that teach these skills in just a few hours. Meanwhile, here are a few basics of dog and cat CPR, from veterinarian Andrew Linklater of Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists in Glendale:

1.  Place your dog on its right side, or hold your cat by the chest between your thumb and forefinger.

2.  With the dog, press down on the widest part of the chest, or with the cat, squeeze with your thumb and finger, both at a rate of 100 compressions a minute.

3.  Meanwhile, blow into your pet’s nose 10 times a minute (another vet says six to 10 times), keeping your lips sealed around the snout and holding the mouth closed.

4.  Continue for 10 minutes, or until the animal (hopefully) revives.

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Tom Tolan is managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine, where he's worked since January 2016. He spent 24 years at The Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a copy editor, assistant metro editor and reporter. He lives in Shorewood.