We Know Why the Brewers Stadium Looked Like a Rave This Morning

Feeling a little left out from the party, we decided to investigate.

It’s a rave? No. It’s aliens coming down from a UFO? Close, but no. It’s the Brewers Stadium testing out their new LED lights? We have a winner! 

Early this morning colorful lights flashed from inside Miller Park causing curiosity from those driving by on their morning commute to work. Like all things that people have questions about and don’t know who to ask, they go to social media looking for answers.

Videos and pictures surfaced this morning on Twitter with people questioning what the heck was happening at the stadium. Unconventional pops of color illuminated the stadium, ranging from vibrant shamrock green to cool icy blue, and eventually landing on a cherry red, then the color cycle repeats itself.

According to the Brewers Senior Director of Media Relations, Mike Vassallo the stadium was testing their new LED ribbon boards. 

While the lights are a fun attribute to the stadium, it’s more than just for looks. Stadiums, such as Safeco Field in Seattle and Yankee Stadium in The Bronx switched to LED-lighting back in 2015, and parks have been converting ever since. It’s all a part of the MLB’s sustainable park initiative, MLB Green. Their mission is to cultivate a sustainable community through composting, on-site gardens, recycling and LED lights in fields along with solar panels.

So, while the initial flash of green light is intriguing, let’s not forget the sustainable, green future the Brewers Stadium is trying to pave for Milwaukeeans and the city that they love.