January 2017 Issue: The Conversation Issue

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Everybody’s Talkin’
We’ve got pairs: the mayor and the kid, the chief and the chef, Jessica from channel 58 and Melinda from channel 12. These, and nine other conversations, put interesting Milwaukeeans in a room together with time to burn and no rules to follow. Ready, set, chat!
By Milwaukee Magazine staff

Brotherhood of Bruisers
In West Allis, frenzied wrestling fans gather for a night of beer, scripted violence and the occasional tears from pro grapplers. We delve into the sport’s local roots – RIP, The Crusher – and current revival.
By Rich Rovito and Tom Conroy

In the Mix
Exuberant color and eclectic patterns rule in a traditional house on Milwaukee’s East Side. Decorator Kate Kazlo offers an exclusive tour, and shares some tips for getting the look.
By Carole Nicksin

Local Chatter
Editor-in-chief Carole Nicksin’s monthly letter to our readers.


Shock to the System
How to become a polar-plunging human popsicle.
By Matt Hrodey

A Font for Us
Milwaukee address tiles’ origin story.
By Matthew J. Prigge

Between Two Poles
The county on Trump.
By Matt Hrodey

Big Ticket Items
Hey, ho, expo!

On the Rise: Whitestone Station
Big times at Whitestone Station.
By Matt Hrodey

Water World
Matt Howard’s ongoing quest.
By Matt Hrodey


Sweet 15
Big-money quinceañeras.
By Georgia Pabst

Next Wave
Meet our city’s preteen rock powerhouse.
By Kevin Mueller

Table Manners
One of the season’s most talked-about shows.
By Paul Kosidowski

MKE Western
This novelist writes about the rural West from his MKE condo.
By Carson Vaughan

Caught on Tape
The humble cassette.
By Kevin Mueller

Sonora’s Song
A solo-loving flutist.
By Paul Kosidowski

Agenda: January
Double the events pleasure, plus fitness and dining.
By Paul Kosidowski


Radio Days
Wisconsin Public Radio turns 100 this year. A broadcast pioneer writes of its history and the soothing role the airwaves have played in his life.
By Jack Mitchell


The Balm of Ramen
Behind the fever induced by a $10 bowl of ramen.
By Ann Christenson

Shop Local
Four products worthy of your attention.
By Ann Christenson and Howie Magner

Turning Tables
Vibrant shareable plates at Tofte’s Table.
By Ann Christenson

Divergent Minds
A beer-food mingling.
By Ann Christenson


Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn
More than serving up Friday fries, Jack Pandl’s has been a Whitefish Bay beacon since 1915.
By Rich Rovito

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