January 2016 Issue: The Slender Man Saga

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In the Woods
In 2014, two Waukesha girls hatched a plan to murder their friend, linking the crime to a mythical figure named Slender Man. As the girls prepare to be tried in adult court, authorities continue to ponder why.
By Matt Hrodey | Illustration by Brian Stauffer

Finding Peace
While in college, educator Chris Her-Xiong learned crucial details about her native Laos that today continue to galvanize her work as executive director of Hmong American Peace Academy.
By Georgia Pabst | Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

The Winter of Our Great Content
Jack Frost can nip all he wants. Our arsenal of defenses against the calendar — from curling to hot yoga, sledding to learning the art of slinging lattes — are as potent as the powers of a Marvel Comics superhero.
By Liz Chatterton, Ann Christenson, Mary Jo Contino, Claire Hanan, Matt Hrodey, Amber Jorgenson, Sara Rae Lancaster, Howie Magner, Laura Merisalo, Dan Shafer & Daniel Simmons | Illustrations by Whitney Salgado

A Thin Line
Interim editor Howie Magner’s January letter to our readers.
By Howie Magner


People Power
What if polls ran not just political campaigns but the governments to which they aspire?
By Daniel Simmons

Laser Mugs
By Matt Hrodey

Lasting Impressions
The little braille shop that could.
By Amber Jorgenson

Final Descent
Daily passenger levels at General Mitchell Airport now resemble those from the early 2000s.
By Matt Hrodey

By Mary Jo Contino

At an Angle
Covering a community-within-a-community.
By Marissa Evans

Vice Everlasting
The hidden history of Downtown’s old sin district.
By Matthew Prigge


Two’s Company
How one Milwaukee-area couple makes the artistic life work for them.
By Steph Kilen

Equalizing Opportunities
A group of local female artists has formed a collaborative effort that produces exciting community-focused art.
By Debra Brehmer

Fast Five: Kate Mau
By Kristine Hansen

Page Turners
By Claire Hanan

Being Frank
The pingpong enthusiast on Milwaukee’s comedy scene, L.A.’s laundromats and more.
By Dan Murphy

Wonder Woman
By Ann Christenson

Attendance required.
By Claire Hanan

Swing Time
By Marcella Jones


The Big Sleep(y)
Life’s a bit different when you’re near the top of the world.
By Liam Callanan


The Ring
By Ann Christenson

The Real Africa
Irie Zulu offers a fascinating, exhilarating journey through the cousins of Africa and Jamaica.
By Ann Christenson

Talking Shop with Irie Zulu’s Yollande Deacon
By Ann Christenson

Grain of Sense
Why a beer guy is leaving his misgivings at the door.
By Dan Murphy

Lucky Strike
By Ann Christenson

Squeeze Play
The Juice Kitchen isn’t hard-press to bring healthy beverages to a neighborhood that needs them.
By Molly Rippinger

Ramen Madness
A cookbook devoted to Japanese noodles makes delectable sense.
By Ann Christenson

Yo, Ice Cream
By Ann Christenson


Italian-born Federica Marchionni left her high-end roots to become CEO of Lands’ End, which means lots of visits to its HQ in tiny Dodgeville, Wis.
By Kristine Hansen


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