Introducing Ozzy, the Harley-Davidson Doggie Security Guard

While one of Ozzy’s official titles at Milwaukee Harley may be security guard, this cute French Bulldog may do a better job of keeping customers in the store rather than scaring them away.

This French Bulldog is no stranger to the rumble of a Harley engine. He rides (and works) with the H-D crew at his part-time job at Milwaukee Harley-Davidson (11310 W Silver Spring Rd).

Ozzy stands guard on the showroom floor. Photo by Megan Otto.

Walking through the front doors to the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership, customers and employees alike are met by the toughest — well, the cutest — security guard in town. Ozzy is a three-year-old French Bulldog who roams the showroom floor, both protecting and playing with the merchandise. Well-known and loved by everyone he greets at the door, Ozzy is a staple to the store.

The lovable security guard greets everyone he sees. Photo by Megan Otto.

Known to his Instagram followers as #ozzymkehdpup, Ozzy plays many roles when he is on duty at Milwaukee Harley-Davidson. Ranging from stress management for the employees to security and even model, this young pooch is already a seasoned veteran at the dealership.

Brooke Pape, who handles events and marketing at Milwaukee Harley-Davidson, is Ozzy’s owner. She believes that Ozzy’s most important role at the store is that of ambassador.

“There are some people who come into the dealership who aren’t dog friendly,” says Pape. “But he’s the right size that he’s not frightening… The cool thing is, there are people who just want to come look around and don’t even own a bike but feel so comfortable coming in and bringing their kids.”

You won’t find a dirty, scary biker’s lair when walking through the front doors. Instead, Ozzy helps to create a comforting and enjoyable environment at the dealership. Pape recalls a time when a family came in to look at bikes. Ozzy noticed right away that the children were bored and bounded down the stairs to play with and entertain the kids. Ambassador reporting for duty!

While Ozzy is not in the store every day — even a dog needs his day off — customers can count on seeing him on the job most Tuesdays. Or, follow Milwaukee Harley on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to get updates on when #ozzymkehdpup is in.

Ozzy rides shotgun with owner Brooke Pape. Photo by Megan Otto.



Megan Otto is a digital and editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has previously interned in London.