The 20-minute glass-blowing masterpiece.

One of glassblowing’s earliest stages is blowing a starter bubble through a long metal rod and into a teardrop of molten glass. The bubble appears suddenly, creating an orb that more blowing can transform into a peanut dish or sculpture. To add patterns, the glassblower rolls the shape through colored silica spread out on a “marver” table and melts it in a small furnace.

It may sound intimidating, but with the help of an instructor you can be one step closer to realizing your Chihuly dreams, and make something keepable, like a shallow dish or ornament.

Classes at Square One Art Glass (5322 W. Vliet St.) introduce newbies to such maneuvers using glass scooped out of a 2,100-degree well. Beginning sessions last about 20 minutes per attendee and cost $50 per person.

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