Humans of Summerfest 2018

900,00 people and we talked to just a few.

While there were plenty of activities to keep anyone busy at Summerfest, we decided to take on the act of people-watching — and also people-asking. For a few days, we wandered around the Big Gig to ask attendees what makes Summerfest great, what brought them to the World’s Largest Music Festival and what keeps them coming back.



HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST: Members of the Milwaukee Bucks Grand Dancing team made an entertaining appearance at Summerfest. Nan and Jerry showed their Bucks pride by sporting jerseys with their names and age on the back. “It’s a little warm out here, but very good,” Jerry remarked following their impressive performance. The couple got to show their skills at the basketball courts in the festival grounds and dance their hearts out for nearby spectators. The two dancers were eager to explore the festival grounds as soon as they finished their first performance of the annual fest, saying “Now we get to do what we like. It’s pretty cool we get to do it that way.” . . #summerfest #humansofsummerfest #biggig #festival #milwaukee #mke #summerinthecity #summerfest18 #summerfest2018 #peoplewatching

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HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST: Rose and Don are visiting the Summerfest festival grounds from Chicago. The couple has made it a tradition to come up to the festival for at least one day a year for the past 25 years. When asked about their favorite part of the festival, they both looked at each other and Rose said, “the beer, the food, the bands, the lake, everything!” They said they enjoy everything about the festival, especially the outstanding music and Wisconsin-based breweries. “We’ve been doing it every year. It’s kind of like tradition. We come, spend the day,” she said. . . . #summerfest #humansofsummerfest #biggig #festival #milwaukee #mke #summerinthecity #summerfest18 #summerfest2018 #peoplewatching

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HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST: This is Kristi’s first time at Summerfest. Based in Madison, she has launched her own perfume line, Zodica, which “introduces you before you even speak.” Her perfume is specific to each zodiac sign to guide customers in “manifesting the life they want to live.” Kristi has always loved perfume but says she hates shopping for it, which is what inspired her to create her own product that really connects with customers’ identities. It not only reflects your zodiac personality, she says, but is formulated for seasonal use as well. Kristi’s unique beauty product is about to launch at Macy’s this coming fall. . . . #summerfest #humansofsummerfest #biggig #festival #milwaukee #mke #summerinthecity #summerfest18 #summerfest2018 #peoplewatching

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HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST: Meet Vicki, Patti and Ashley, a group of friends who spent opening day wandering the Summerfest grounds and enjoying one of the Big Gig’s newest food vendors, @belaircantina. “Very fresh, very yummy,” they said. . “There are a couple of [musical] acts I’m pretty excited about that are going to be at 4 o’clock,” Patti said. “And I’m like, oh that I can do! It’s the first day, and we’re off to a great start.” . “I think since we live here, we don’t realize what a cool, neat place this is. You can see how pretty spectacular this Milwaukee event is,” Vicki added. . . . #summerfest #humansofsummerfest #biggig #festival #milwaukee #mke #summerinthecity #summerfest18 #summerfest2018 #peoplewatching

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