Finding the people who give the Wisconsin State Fair the spirit and energy that has kept it going for more than 150 years.

Another highlight of Wisconsin’s festival season, the State Fair has entice big crowds yet again. Although it’s changed a lot since starting in 1851, the Fair never fails to draw some of the Midwest’s most interesting characters.

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HUMANS OF THE STATE FAIR James is an entertainer from British Columbia, Canada, with an act that doesn’t seem entirely believable at first. “My specialty is putting people inside a giant latex balloon,” he laughs. “I’m dead serious.” Using a leaf blower, James expands the 4-inch opening of a Euro-made balloon just enough for people to squeeze through. His record at the State Fair? A family of seven. How he got his start? “I got bored of every other job,” he says. “Started out as a full-time clown, and then I did magic for numerous years, and now the Wild and Crazy Balloon Stunt Show.” Photo by Adam Rogan. #humansofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #entertainer #balloons #britishcolumbia #canada #wisconsin #statefair

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HUMANS OF STATE FAIR Butch Marks is the owner of American Parts Equipment Supply, an industrial supply company that was displaying grills (some of which are Wi-Fi controlled) in the State Fair Exposition Center. He also runs a grill and barbecuing store in Germantown that sells nationally acclaimed BBQ sauces and rubs, including victors from the American Royal and Memphis In May International Festival barbecuing competitions. With everything from Texas to Carolina to Kansas City, Butch is still hoping for a Wisconsin style of barbecue someday. “We’d love to see it. There’s so many competition barbecue teams in Wisconsin now that compete around the state, and they compete nationally also. We’re trying to promote that,” he says. “I’ll tell ya, there’s a lot of talented people in Wisconsin that can barbecue. They know their stuff.” Photo by Adam Rogan. #humansofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #BBQ #barbecue #grills #texasbbq #kansascitybbq #carolinabbq #americanpartsequipmentsupply #americanroyal #expositioncenter #wisconsin #statefair

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HUMANS OF THE STATE FAIR Mike (left), Mick (center) and Mark (right) are The Lounge Wizards. The Wizards have been performing for 21 years, starting when Mark and Mick met in show choir during college. They play all over Wisconsin and now have five State Fair appearances under their belt, one of their favorite and biggest venues. We ran into them at the Sprecher Landing and asked them why they like playing the gig so much. Mark, who told us that he’s a first grade teacher by profession, had a simple answer for why he loves playing the Fair: “Making people happy, that’s it. We get a lot of kids who come up and play with us, just making people smile.” Photo by Adam Rogan. #humansofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #music #band #loungewizards #sprechers #wisconsin #statefair

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