How the Bronze Fonz Got Tricked Out for the Pandemic

No medical supplies were wasted in the taking of this photo.

Dennis and Cindy Schultz love the Bronze Fonz on Milwaukee’s Riverwalk. When they have visitors, that’s where they take them. 

“We really consider the statue to be a wonderful part of Milwaukee ‘lore,'” Cindy said. 

And occasionally, when they visit their bronze pal Henry Winkler, they decorate him. They’ve decked him out for St. Patrick’s Day, Mardis Gras and even posed him holding his very own Hallmark ornament. And recently, they decorated him in an outfit suited for the health crisis.

Don’t worry, no precious medical supplies were wasted in this coronavirus shenanigan. They recycled a “old, icky” mask that Dennis uses to go in the attic (not medical grade) and the rubber gloves Cindy uses to peel the skin off chicken. They said they were “protecting” him. 

“The gloves were a tad tricky to get over his hands and line up the thumbs,” Cindy said. 

The decorations were only up for but a few minutes. The Schultzes took down his gear moments after taking the picture. 

“We didn’t want anyone to take the mask and, God forbid, actually put it on,” Cindy said.  

And the couple didn’t stick around either. After they snapped the picture, they went right home to tweet it out and give Milwaukee a reason to smile, because the Fonz was safe. 



Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.