Here’s What You Missed in Wisconsin This Week: Sept. 16

Face tattoos, home movies, three-masted schooners and further foolishness

A Japanese Social Media Star Loves Wisconsin

This week, Takuya George Maeda, a popular Japanese YouTuber and social media personality who makes travel videos, visited Wisconsin. He posted a TikTok about the visit in which he shows off Culver’s, cheese curds, Lambeau Field, Lake Michigan and the Walworth County Fair’s monster truck rally. “I’ve never seen anything like that in Japan,” he said. The video is full of wholesome joy over our lovely state, and we were glad to see an international visitor promoting all we have to offer.

Free Drinks for the Tattooed

In honor of Post Malone’s performance at Fiserv Forum, Major Goolsby’s bar and grill on Kilbourn Avenue served up free drinks to all patrons sporting a face tattoo on Thursday before the show.

All the haters said I shouldn’t get Frodo Baggins tattooed across my cheek. “You’ll never got a job.” “No one will respect you.” “It looks more like Danny DeVito.” Well, where are those haters now? Not getting free drinks, that’s where. Ha! Take that, Grandma.

The DMV Is Replacing Millions of Busted-Up Wisconsin License Plates

The Wisconsin DMV is now planning to replace all license plates that are over 10 years old. The goal is to get rid of all those faded, stained, unreadable ones. If you’re in need of replacement plates yourself, you can click here to go to the DMV website.

My only question: Will they let you replace a license plate that isn’t over 10 years old or badly damaged? Maybe it’s just a vanity plate that you regret getting? Maybe you just wanted a plate that read “Buffy Boy” to express your love for the classic television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but apparently when some people read: “BFY BOY” they think it means “Beefy Boy” and now people are yelling odd, deeply inappropriate things at you in the streets? Would that, hypothetically, be an issue the DMV could address?

Santiago Calatrava Returns to Milwaukee

Santiago Calatrava, the architect who designed the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, returned to Milwaukee this week for the first time since completing what has now become, arguably, the most prominent landmark in the city. He visited with the mayor, hung out inside his creation, and took some time to speak with Milwaukee Magazine’s own Rich Rovito. “I consider architecture an art,” Calatrava said. “Buildings survive us. … The people read the message we have sent through this building. This building is clearly a message. A message of hope.”

Photo by Rich Rovito

UWM Will Host a “Home Movie Day”

On Oct. 15, UW-Milwaukee’s Film Studies Department and Archives are going to host a “Home Movie Day.” The organizers are encouraging any interested folks to bring their old home movies for UWM volunteers to inspect. Selected clips will be screened at the free event. Obviously, I would love to participate, but all my old tapes were seized by the cops a few years back. It was all a big misunderstanding. I told the officer that all the screaming my neighbors heard was just me watching Return to Oz again, but when the SWAT guys found my taxidermy collection, everything just got blown out of proportion. It worked out in the end. Like the judge said, nothing I did was “technically illegal, but you are a weird little man.” Anyway, I never got my tapes back.



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The Denis Sullivan Is Leaving Milwaukee

Discovery World’s replica 19th-century three-masted schooner is sailing away to Boston in October. Beantown’s World Ocean School just bought the beloved boat, which hasn’t sailed for two years, from Discover World.

Man, we lose everything to Boston: first the playoffs, and now this. What next? Are a bunch of Charlestown boys going to steal the Bronze Fonz? Is Matt Damon going to flood the Art Museum with lobster rolls? Next time I go to Kinnickinnic Avenue, is it just going to be all Dunkin Donuts? How far will this go before Milwaukee stands up for itself?

Photo by Chris Gaziano

Flooding, Sewer Overflows and Reduced Water Usage in Milwaukee

Heavy rain on Sunday and Monday caused flooding across southeastern Wisconsin and sewer overflows in Milwaukee. To mitigate the overflow, the city asked residents to use less water, starting on Sunday night. Personally, I was furious, as Sunday is my warm bath and a cool glass of sparkling rosé night. Thankfully, the situation was brought under control and the water limit request was lifted before Wednesday. Just in time for my 60-minute shower and eight cans of Blue Moon night.



Archer is the managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine. Some say he is a great warrior and prophet, a man of boundless sight in a world gone blind, a denizen of truth and goodness, a beacon of hope shining bright in this dark world. Others say he smells like cheese.