Health – Fall 2016 Issue: Family Guy

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Family Guy
Fueled by personal tragedy, trainer Adam Von Rothfelder found healing in a philosophy of movement and nutrition he shares with his clients and practices with his own family.
By Eben Pindyck

Celebrate Citrus
Integrate vitamin-packed citrus fruits into your diet with these easy recipes.

Read It and Sleep
A deprivation of zzz’s plagues legions of people. What you can do – from smartphone apps to bedtime rituals – to help you sleep soundly.
By Hilary Sterne

MKE Winter Survival Guide
The incentive you need to stay active when the thermometer plummets, including tips for keeping your nutrition in check.
By Suzanne Gerber

MKE’s Most Fit
Seven people who walk the walk when it comes to fitness.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne


Beauty & Style
A young designer puts athlovely into athleisure. Plus the history of the (more comfy than ever) sports bra, vegan tattoos and cruelty-free moisturizer.

Pet Health
A vet who makes house calls, fitness tips for your furry friends and dog treats for the discerning pooch.

Family Health
The best exercise for weight control, a youth cooking program, a beautiful union of stories and songs.

Avoiding falls, an adult day center accenting Latino culture, and the age-happiness connection.


Three Pink Octobers
Our culture rains pink all over October to draw attention to breast cancer and pump up research funding. But the pinkness can overwhelm when October is your favorite month and breast cancer seems anything but bright and cheery.
By Marloe Esch


What’s Your Cure for the Wintertime Blues?
We asked readers how they keep their spirits up when the mercury falls. Their advice almost had us wishing for a cold front. Almost.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

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