Your Guide to Milwaukee by the Neighborhood
Milwaukee - city panorama seen from the north side.

Your Guide to Milwaukee by the Neighborhood

Pick a neighborhood and dive in. Here’s where to go, what to do and what to enjoy in each neighborhood in Milwaukee.

Bay View

17 places for relaxation, fun and sustenance in Bay View — all suggested by 17 Milwaukee residents.

Silver City

Neighborhood Guide: Silver City / Photo: Dominic Inouye

A bustling industrial center in the late 1800s. A blighted and abandoned area by the late 1900s. Now emerging as part of the Menomonee Valley renaissance.


Harambee sign Milwaukee

Welcome to Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. Here’s where to play, grow, drink and shop.

Harbor View/Walker’s Point

What’s in a name?  Well, a Walker’s Point by any other name could be “Inner Harbor” or “Fifth Ward” or “Harbor District” or . . . just a great place to not only work but also to live and play.

Clarke Square

Looking north on Cesar Chavez Drive

While the historic heart of Clarke Square is a small square park (and its most well-known landmark is The Domes), it is arguable that the pulse of the neighborhood can be taken while walking up and down National Avenue and 16th Street, renamed Cesar Chavez Drive in 1996

Lindsay Heights

Once a stop on the Underground Railroad and a thriving hub for African Americans, it is now struggling to revitalize after decades of economic strife — and is doing so with the collective efforts of local businesses, community organizations and foundations.

Avenues West

A neighborhood born of contrasts in the late 1800s: the grandeur of mansion-lined Grand Avenue, the poverty of Irish workers on Tory Hill, and the ambition of a little college named Marquette. A neighborhood, like so many in Milwaukee, poised for change.

Sherman Park

A campaign for the Sherman Park Community Association, established in 1971, announced “Sherman Park: A Nice Place to Live.” Almost half a century later, residents both old and new call Sherman Park home, citing its beautiful housing stock, its cultural diversity, and its entrepreneurial spirit.

Murray Hill: North Ave

Some of the coolest spots in this corner of Murray Hill.

Murray Hill: Downer Ave

Our favorite spots along picturesque Downer Avenue.

Murray Hill: Murray Ave

Murray Avenue has a little something for everyone, from sex to pottery.

Town of Lake

Warm up with a pour over or pho. Feast with chopsticks or your fingers. And get ready to meet some of the friendliest people in town. The Town of Lake, that is.

Dr. MLK Drive

Milwaukee’s Bronzeville neighborhood is moving rapidly toward its revitalization zenith after a decades-long nadir, and nowhere is that more apparent than on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, designated a “Wisconsin Main Street Community” in 2017, the first in Milwaukee.

Brady Street

So much awaits in the eight blocks between Van Buren Street and Cambridge Avenue in the Lower East Side.

Lower East Side

East of the Milwaukee River, one can find a dizzying array of food and culture.