Give Back MKE: United Way

Here’s why you should consider donating to United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County as part of Give Back Milwaukee.


What We Do:

United Way believes in making our four-county community stronger. By working together on critical issues, we can help ensure everyone has a safe place to live, work and play. We collaborate with individuals and organizations to tackle our community’s most pressing issues, like health, education and financial stability. We support programs that improve childhood literacy, provide emergency food, help older adults stay active, promote equity and help provide housing. United Way connects people of all ages and abilities to opportunities to give back to their community through charities and volunteering opportunities.

Where Your Money Goes: 

Donations to the Community Fund help United Way find innovative solutions to these issues and call everyone in our four-county region to action. At United Way, we know that our community’s issues are broad and vast; they’re an enormous challenge for one single nonprofit to address. We also know many of these issues are interrelated – issues like health concerns, educational roadblocks and financial struggles.




225 W. Vine St.


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