Give Back MKE: Safe & Sound

Here’s why you should consider donating to Safe & Sound as part of Give Back Milwaukee.

What We Do:

Safe & Sound unites residents, youth, public safety efforts and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods. Our team connects with more than 25,000 residents every year through door-to-door conversations, in-person and virtual meetings and community engagement events. Our three-part, externally evaluated approach, combining community organizing, youth development and partnerships with public safety, is effective in creating safer and stronger neighborhoods.

Where Your Money Goes: 

• Your generous contribution would support the work of Safe & Sound’s Neighborhood Team made up of a community organizer, youth organizer and neighborhood safety coordinator – all city of Milwaukee residents who are experts on building community bridges and engaging residents.

• These teams work together to support the formation of new block clubs, facilitate youth-led community projects and events, tackle nuisance property abatement issues, and more. To learn more, visit today!

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801 W. Michigan St.


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