We review "For The Night," GGOOLLDD's sparkling new EP.

“We can do this all night/ We can do this till the sunrise/ I feel better by your side/ Lover won’t you stay out all night,” Margaret Butler sings on the opening track, “All Night,” of GGOOLLDD’s new sparkling four-song EP, out today on Gloss Records. The world the band inhabits on For the Night is filled with late night, youthful bacchanalia where another never-ending, glitter-stained dance party is only a quick cab ride away. Fun is always right there for the taking—if you’re up for the adventure, of course.

Those self-indulgent tendencies may have hindered the band in the past, but on For the Night—its second EP in as many years—GGOOLLDD really brings everything together nicely. The production is the sleekest it’s been thus far. The synthesizer-heavy pop music that’s on display here can often feel overcrowded, but the band keeps from making the shiny backdrop too busy. Butler sounds more confident and in control behind the microphone. And the songs have finally found a comfortable medium between being too glitzy and too grounded. This band is starting to hit its stride.

Brevity has always made a good dance partner, and it’s another strong point here. No GGOOLLDD EP takes up too much time. Rather than stuff the release with unnecessary filler, the pace on For the Night is swift and relentless. At only 17 minutes long, it’s an effort that’s begged to be played on repeat.

The band spends that fleeting time wisely, too. A song of the summer is an elusive pursuit every year, but GGOOLLDD turns its sights on the opposite season, staking its claim for song of the winter on “Dance Through the Winter,” a warm, spirited track that calls to clutch close to any possession, however little, only to try and survive until the warm weather returns. “We’ve got time/ We’re all winners/ We’ve got love/ We’re all sinners,” Butler hails, almost as a rallying cry to those who’ve lost the drive to continue forward.

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The shimmery “City Lights” finds the band plumbing the lowest depths on the EP, but never stays down for too long. A wayward girlfriend seeks the companionship of the uneasy narrator, whose main fault is simply looking for a good time. But even through all the muck, GGOOLLDD finds a way out through music. (“We were born to the city lights/ and we sing all night”). The song seems to encapsulate one major theory that the band believes. Even the worst circumstances seem to disappear in the face of a good dance song. Or as Butler praises, “All this shit turns to gold.”