George Floyd and Breonna Taylor Honored in Milwaukee’s Newest Murals

The artists hope the new murals will help raise awareness while also beautifying the neighborhood.

Murals honoring victims of police brutality are popping up around Milwaukee. 

On Thursday, June 4th, artists in the Riverwest community came together to paint a mural honoring George Floyd, the man killed by Minnesota police last month, on the side of a building located at N. Holton St. and North Ave. Floyd’s death was the catalyst for global protests calling for the arrest of the officers who killed Floyd. The mural also included a painting of Dontre Hamilton, a Milwaukee man who was killed by a Milwaukee police officer in 2014. 

On Tuesday, on the corner of E. Locust Ave. and N. Holton St., artists painted a mural of Breonna Taylor. Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician, was killed by Louisville police officers in March and is another victim protestors are calling for justice for.

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Chris Burke, a tattoo artist at Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor, is one of the artists who contributed to both the Floyd and Taylor murals. Burke described the experience of painting Floyd’s mural as an opportunity to both beautify the neighborhood and raise awareness of police brutality. 

Burke also worked on the Breanna Taylor mural with another tattoo artist, Ruben Alcantar. 

Both the Floyd and Taylor murals were painted on buildings owned by Ishan Atta, who hoped the painting would bring a diverse group of community artists together. 

This Saturday, Burke is holding a Civil Rights Mural painting event at 11 a.m. in the alley of Locust and Holton. According to the event post on Facebook, the mural will feature “Civil Rights leaders” and “the women who are often overlooked, on the wall as well as powerful and inspiring quotes.” Anyone is invited to participate, with the only restriction being “no offensive or vulgar material.”



Marla Hiller is an editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She is a junior at Boston University majoring in international relations and minoring in journalism