A few of our faves from the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair.

One of the biggest draws of the Wisconsin State Fair every year — from deep-fried Oreos to cookie dough on a stick — is the cuisine you just can’t seem to find at your local grocery store. We’ve sampled a few of the newer options and shared them on our Instagram account. But don’t take our word for it, head out to the State Fair before it closes on this Sunday and let us know what you think!


NEW FOODS OF THE STATE FAIR This should definitely be on your list for things to try at the State Fair this weekend. The olives have just enough tart and fruity flavor, while the cream cheese inside pushes back against any potential acidity. If you’re watching your blood pressure, however, you might want to skip it because they sure didn’t go lightly with the salt. The ranch dipping sauce on the side is a nice addition, but can be skipped if you’d rather savor the olive. Another example of the "If it's fried, how can it be bad?” theory. Pick up an order from the aptly named Fried Fruit On-A-Stick. #foodsofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #food #friedfruit #onastick #olives #salty #wisconsin #statefair

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NEW FOODS AT THE STATE FAIR A true novelty dessert, the Sprecher Root Beer Float Cake packages chocolate cake with the root beer that made Milwaukee famous in the shape of a mug. The root beer flavored fudge casing can be a little tough to break down at first, but is well worth it once you can get the cake, meringue, frosting and fudge all onto one spoonful. You’re going to need to bring the whole family to finish it off though. Eating this alone might be a chocolate overload. It’s $14 and can be picked up at both of Sprecher’s locations on the grounds, but you’re going to want to get there before they sell out for the day. Photo by Adam Rogan. #foodsofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #food #chocolate #cake #rootbeer #sprecher #wisconsin #statefair

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NEW FOODS AT THE STATE FAIR The MilMag staff's favorite new food at the State Fair, the Deep Fried Old Fashioned is more than just another experiment in: “What else can we deep fry?" The crisp pound cake is the base of this non-alcoholic delicacy, while the brandy cream cheese and bitters whipped cream provide extra levels of sweetness. The orange brandy caramel glaze shines above everything else. Topped off with a cherry and orange slice, this truly Wisconsinite dessert will hopefully become a staple of the State Fair for years to come. Next year, we suggest pairing with a glass of Old Fashioned to bring the whole experience home. Get yours for $6.50 from the Water Street Brewery. Photo by Adam Rogan. #foodsofstatefair #mke #milwaukeemag #festival #food #dessert #cake #oldfashioned #fruity #waterstreet #brewery #wisconsin #statefair

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