Milwaukee Downtown

Five Empty Milwaukee Storefronts Get a Makeover this Month

Are brick-and-mortar stores on the way out? The Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District #21 says no!

Thanks to Amazon Prime, Etsy and endless online shopping sites, sometimes it seems as though brick-and-mortar storefronts are on their way out. But Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District #21 is changing up the new normal this holiday season.

Milwaukee Downtown
Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Downtown

BID #21 is transforming empty store windows into colorful displays for five local online stores: Fyxation Bicycle Company, Linda Marcus Design, The Mini Classy, Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival Ornament Collection and Wander & Co. The rebirthed storefronts are scattered throughout the downtown area.

Through the campaign, Nov. 29-Dec. 10, BID #21 aims to support both real-world and virtual businesses based in Milwaukee. “Our intention is to provide Milwaukee’s growing scene of online-based retailers with a temporary platform that could later develop into a permanent brick-and-mortar business in our downtown,” says Beth Weirick, CEO of Milwaukee Downtown. Weirick also imagines that other businesses might see the window displays and consider the storefronts for future retail sites.

With the recent successes of internet shopping, there’s no guarantee that more online stores will start opening local storefronts, but for pedestrians will at least have more to look at while completing their holiday shopping this year – they won’t be looking at dark, dusty buildings. Instead, they’ll see festive décor and potential presents instead, making their shopping experience a little merrier.