Field Report

Field Report Performs at the Turner Hall Ballroom

Hometown hero Chris Porterfield, of Field Report, is playing a special holiday concert.

Field Report is returning to Milwaukee and will be putting on a special holiday concert for fans, family and friends. Each member of the indie folk band will be contributing in some way, according to frontman Chris Porterfield. “There’s a hopeful restlessness that runs through our material that is surprisingly congruent with holiday songs,” he says.

Kate Bush’s “50 Words for Snow” helped spark his interest performing a special seasonal concert. Porterfield says it’s the only record Porterfield listens to this time of year. And – though he’d love to play a Kate Bush record for the show – the band is focusing exclusively on their own songs. 

The show will not consist solely of Christmas music but will offer a “brief respite of their songs” and will feature works from all three of their albums.

And several musicians will join them on stage, including Tontine Ensemble, Chris Rosnau, Ryan Necci, Mark Woldoch and John Larkins.

“This concert is a celebration of working hard and coming home. Ending one chapter and beginning another in the city where we live, work and champion,” Porterfield says.

The show takes places on December 14 at the Turner Hall Ballroom. Tickets are available at the door or online.