February 2015: Entrepreneurs


Whip-Smart and Gutsy
They turned half-baked ideas into successful startups, took complicated problems and invented new technologies. curious to see how far they could go, these 12 business visionaries set a path for others to follow.
By  Jon Anne Willow

A Dream Deferred
ZIP code 53206 is often dismissed as the poorest and most troubled neighborhood in Milwaukee. But the labels overlook the everyday lives of the people who make it their home. A glimpse beyond the stereotypes.
By Barbara Miner

Secret Agent
The spotlight may be on his athletes, but it got there because of Brian Lammi, who started a minor sports empire from a one-bedroom apartment.
By Doug Russell

A Tale of Two Cities
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


The County Board is going part time, forcing some of its members to find second jobs.
By Larry Sandler 

Mr. Authentic
A wheeler and dealer makes a mint from collected nostalgia.
By Rich Rovito

To Protect and Observe
Are body cameras for police worth the cost?
By Claire Hanan

A Pet in Need
Donated animal blood saves sick cats and dogs and remains in short supply.
By Aimee Robinson

Go Go Gadgets
Makers of “wearable tech” have captured consumers’ imagination – and wallets.
By Dan Shafer

Hooked on the Ice
Winter in Wisconsin doesn’t mean the end of the line for anglers.
By Timothy McCormick

Branching Out
A new bank on Milwaukee’s South Side is a sign that things are moving forward – in more ways than one.
By Dan Shafer

Little Miracles
A fetal surgery can strengthen the blood bond between twins, and save their lives.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne 

Seeing the Light
Candles with calming winter scents like balsam and cloves transport the senses all season long.
By Claire Hanan


Pacing the Cage
This is what happens sometimes to a veteran of war.
By David Nichols


Forward Fashion
A traveling fashion show opened doors for many at a time when those doors were frequently locked.
By Claire Hanan

Best Bets: February
Our staff picks for the best February events in art, theater and more including Barbara Morgan, Pedrito Martinez, Sleater-Kinney, The Amish Project and Glen Hansard.


Bottle Top
The resuscitated Brown Bottle at Schlitz Park honors our city’s brewing history, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past.
By Ann Christenson

Chile Nights
National Avenue’s La Casa de Alberto distinguishes itself in an area replete with Mexican food.
By Ann Christenson

Chefrigerator of the Month: Dan Jacobs
Dan Jacobs came to Odd Duck by way of Wolf Peach. He came to cooking by way of a childhood of tuna sandwiches and a can of bacon fat ever-present in the freezer. Thursday (his day off) is when he trades potato gnocchi with black truffles for homemade sesame chicken and egg rolls.


Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki
A lawyer and native Chicagoan, Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki heads up the area’s largest, and most talked about, religious group.
By Matt Hrodey


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