Faces of Milwaukee 2021 | Therapy…Modern, Relatable and Holistic

These individuals represent the best of the best, which is why we deem them the Faces of Milwaukee. Read about them here, then seek out their services.

Dr. Katelyn Grusecki (PSY.D), Megan Anderson (LPC), Lisa Hillary (LCSW), Dawn Giorno (LCSW); Photo by Linda SmallPage, Boutique Photographer

 Hillary Counseling

1661 N. Water St., Ste #507, Milwaukee, 414-333-9969 | hillarycounseling.com

For nearly two decades, Lisa Hillary has studied the ways people think and behave. As both a psychotherapist and the owner of Hillary Counseling, Hillary practices holistic therapy that addresses the whole person. “We like to emphasize a ‘positive psychology’ approach that suggests mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness but also the existence of life satisfaction,” says Hillary. “Being mentally healthy is not just about surviving but also thriving.” 

The team at Hillary Counseling is a group of highly skilled and relatable professionals who are deeply passionate about the integrity of their work and are dedicated to the well-being of their clients. Hillary Counseling specializes in a modern, relatable and holistic approach to psychotherapy for individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, low self-esteem, life transitions, personal growth, relationship issues and identity development.

Over the past year, where human connection was hard to come by, the Hillary Counseling team decided to take their work outside. Literally, work became “walk in the park,” or a walk by the “lake” for Milwaukeans. This new service, “Walk  and Talk” therapy combines exercise and a possible endorphin boost with the chance to improve mindfulness and awareness, enriching a typical counseling session.

“If you’ve ever wished you could combine a walk by the lake with the breakthroughs of therapy, now’s the time to give it a try,” Hillary says. “Modern mental health is the idea that therapy is for everyone. It’s something you should utilize regularly before things become too overwhelming.”




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