You want your wedding to be as unique as your relationship. So why settle for a ring that’s anything less?

Walk into any jewelery store and you’re bound to find many amazing rings to choose from. But if you’re looking for something unique, consider working with a jeweler that offers customizable options. These styles can be reconfigured in ways that go beyond just the type of metal and stone. Use them as a springboard for a ring that is a true reflection of you.

Nailing It! From the time you start wearing your engagement ring, all eyes will be on your hands! Keep them looking great with a manicure. The Third Ward salon SEVVA (229 N Water St.) provided the ones shown here. $20 each.

(click to enlarge); photo by Chris Kessler

1. Sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo set in white gold. Available at Kloiber Jewelers. (414-276-2457)

2. Emerald-cut Morganite and round brilliant-cut side diamonds set in rose gold. Available at Powers Jewelry Designers. (414-342-6663)

3. Rose-cut diamond surrounded by diamond accents set in white gold, paired with a white gold and diamond contoured ring. Both available at A Trio Jewelry Design Studio. (414-431-7112)

4. Champagne diamond set in rose gold, paired with a rose gold and diamond curved band. Both available at A Trio Jewelry Design Studio.

5. Black diamond set in yellow gold, paired with a yellow gold and diamond wedding band. Both available at A Trio Jewelry Design Studio. ◆

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