Editor’s Letter: Best of Times, Worst of Times

Editor-in-Chief Carole Nicksin weighs in on Milwaukee’s highs and lows and how they contributed to the October issue.

As we were putting together this issue, Sylville Smith was shot and killed, and angry residents took to the street, setting fire to a gas station and other businesses in Sherman Park. I received calls, texts and emails from friends across the United States, asking if I was okay. My response embarrassed me: Not only was I fine, but I learned about these events the same way my friends in New York and other faraway places did – from the Internet, television and newspapers. Where I live, less than five miles from Sherman Park, life went on uninterrupted, with no signs of discord.

The sad irony of editing an issue that celebrates what’s best in this city while these events were playing out affected all of us here at Milwaukee Magazine. With a lead time as long as ours, reporting the news is sometimes not feasible, which can be frustrating. Here, you’ll find a comparison of the recent events to the riots of 1967, to offer a bit of historical perspective. Going forward, we are doubling down on our long-standing commitment to bring you in-depth coverage of the issues that this city struggles with, and whenever possible, offer some solutions. In the meantime, you can find some more up-to-date stories about Sherman Park and other current events on our website.

Just as we would all agree that this city has its share of problems, I think we can agree, too, that there is much that is wonderful about it. Reporting on the good is also part of our mission, not just in this issue, but all year long. So in that spirit, I hope you’ll find our 2016 Best Of feature entertaining as well as useful. We’ve packed in as much insider-y info on new stores, services, and places worth a splurge as we could possibly fit on 12 pages. But your opinions are every bit as interesting and insightful as ours, as illustrated by the results of our Readers’ Choice dining poll.

It’s been six months since I arrived here, and one thing I’ve learned is that this city is filled with civic-minded people. Working together, I feel confident that we can make Milwaukee a great place to live for all of its citizens. If you have ideas for how the magazine can help foster change, please let me know.


Carole Nicksin

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Editor-in-chief Carole Nicksin has worked in publishing for over 20 years. Prior to joining the staff of Milwaukee Magazine, she was the style director at All You, a Time Inc. publication. She also served as decorating editor at Home magazine. Carole has written for the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, InStyle and numerous other publications.