Editor’s Letter: Is There A Doctor in the House?

Editor-in-chief Carole Nicksin’s monthly letter to our readers.

When I relocated to Milwaukee, I thought I’d miss a lot of things about my former life in New York. As it turns out, the transition has been unusually smooth. Yes, I definitely miss my friends, but I’ve managed to lure many of them to visit, with promises of outdoor patios, kayaking on the river and festivals galore. I also miss riding my bike to Central Park to play tennis, but I have to admit that it’s every bit as lovely riding along Lake Michigan to play at the McKinley Park courts. But now, as many of my annual check-ups come due, I am definitely missing my old network of medical providers. It took me more than a decade to assemble a team I not only trusted, but also found affable enough to make the visits, if not enjoyable, then at least pleasant.

Finding a physician is no easy feat. Personal recommendations are a good way to start, as long as your friends are in the same medical network as you. But beyond that, where do you turn for guidance? That’s why I think our Top Doctors feature provides such an important service. The listings tell you which physicians are held in highest regard by their peers, offering a starting point for your search. And to help you zero in on that more elusive quality of “fit,” check out the article, “How To Choose A Doctor,” on page 36. I plan to use these tools myself in my search.

On another note, I’m thrilled to introduce our redesigned website. I think you’ll find it easier to navigate and a better showcase for our stories and photography. Our web team does a great job of curating a wide range of content, including many web-only stories, plus extended versions of some print articles. Be sure to bookmark it and visit often, so you can stay on top of what’s happening in Milwaukee.

Another new introduction this month is the Family Business column that you’ll find on the back page. In each issue, we’ll showcase a local, multi-generational enterprise. For the kick-off, we spotlight Holler House, the nationally known raucous South Side bar and bowling alley that opened its doors over 100 years ago. Marcy Skowronski, the family’s matriarch, is a hoot (her encounter with musician Joe Walsh is hilarious), and, at 90 years of age, is still going strong. Come to think of it, maybe I should ask her who her doctor is…

Until next month,

Carole Nicksin

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Editor-in-chief Carole Nicksin has worked in publishing for over 20 years. Prior to joining the staff of Milwaukee Magazine, she was the style director at All You, a Time Inc. publication. She also served as decorating editor at Home magazine. Carole has written for the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, InStyle and numerous other publications.