DanDan Is Opening For Indoor Dining With a UV Filtration System

DanDan is opening its doors for the first time in months.

Milwaukee restaurant DanDan is opening today for indoor dining after only offering takeout, delivery and patio since the beginning of the pandemic.

The restaurant, described by its website as having “a Chinese soul with a Midwestern sensibility,” serves dandan, a noodles dish that originates from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, among other American Chinese dishes. It is ready to open at 50% capacity for indoor dining, starting today at 4 p.m.

Photo courtesy of DanDan



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The restaurant is using a new UV filtration system called iWave to ensure that the restaurant air is clean and safe for guests. This system uses “carbon fiber brushes to produce a refined electrical charge that proactively and safely cleans the air and recycles the air in the restaurant every 15 minutes” according to the press release.

Beyond the high tech, the restaurant will also have partitions between tables to make certain that guests will be socially distanced and have their own little private areas for dining in.

Sanitation, hand washing, temperature checks and a mask requirement for its employees will also be in place to create an environment where guests can enjoy their meal without having to worry about anything but food and good company.



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