Dancing on My Own: 6 Tips for Making the Most of Pridefest

Whether you’ve been to every Pridefest since 1987 or never once, honey we got you.

As a general rule of thumb, Milwaukee (the land of the giant bloody mary and the extravaganza known as West Allis) is here for being “extra.” After PrideFest announced an additional day of self-love to its 2018 lineup, it was not surprising that the city was very into it. Remember though: when it comes to Pridefest, preparation is key. When you go about this celebration the right way you will come out the other side wanting to dive back into those loving crowds for more.

Foot Comfort is Key

Being comfortable in your own body is the most important rule. Half a step under that is making sure your body is comfortable. Our Pride shares the permanent grounds with Summerfest, which means it’s a sprawling carnival that will require a lot of wandering about. You will go from learning helpful info in the Health and Wellness area to strutting your stuff over by the merch booths to reflecting on which giant fan or harness is right for you.

In other words, contemplate your footwear. Still not convinced? Hear this, my ally: there will be no off-tempo swaying in the dance pavilion. If you are thinking of wearing stiletto thigh-highs, sub for a cork wedge. Patent leather military boots? Maybe grab those orthotic inserts.

Mind the Heat

Fashion-forward figures are a given at Pridefest. We won’t even pretend to dole out style advice. Not the point. But what you should consider when it comes to attire is that Pridefest goes from June 7-10, so…it’s going to be hot. And the pavilion is typically packed with beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes, all emanating body heat. Wear nothing you are afraid of losing to the heat. Keep it comfortable, but let it scream you. After all, this is a celebration of being yourself and accepting the ones around you.

Say “Sashay” to the Best-laid Plans

Any time is a good time to get your booty to the grounds. Recognize, however, that as the sun goes down, the party revs up. You do you — go whenever; plan your exit. And once you have your meticulous plans in place, plan to break those plans. You won’t want to leave. One sight of those fire dancers slaying it to the latest club mix of Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” and shante, you stay. No matter how much fun you think you will have, this fierce jamboree will break all your expectations. Saying “So long” to those gorgeous drag queens will be the hardest thing you will have to do all summer.

Remember Why You’re There

At $13 for the day, this celebration is an astounding bargain. If you consider yourself a pleasant, caring, genuine individual who believes in the betterment of society while fighting for the freedom and rights for your fellow humans, be sure to say “Plus One” during your ticket purchase and give a charitable donation of $1+ to support Diverse & Resilient.

Get Home Safely

Then when it comes time to head home, get ready to take out a loan. You see, the later you stay, the more expensive it is to Lyft off into the night with those new Furry friends you made. Stepping away from the grounds is one way to check that cost, but it’s still gonna hurt. Or, make your way to one of the after parties in the city for one final round while you wait out the thinning allied masses for a ride home that will be easier on your wallet.

Be Kind

This may be four full days of debauchery for some, it means a whole lot more to others.