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We review Alderaan Coffee’s homemade yogurt and granola.

Not every breakfast needs to be raised, shaped, fried, and dunked in glaze (but don’t tell that to “Dawn of the Bread”). Alderaan Coffee (1560 N. Water St., 414-395-9950) is doing something more cultured. The cafe – named after a fictional planet from the Star Wars movies – has the bowl of bacteria for you, offering a thin, not-too-tart homemade plain yogurt with its (also homemade) granola ($4.75), a chunky cereal sweetened with brown sugar, and crunchified with pecans and walnuts. Can you deny yourself homemade yogurt? Also in the plans for the fall/winter months: steel-cut oatmeal.

‘Culture Club’ appears in the October 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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