Cube Mates

Consider this advice when deciding whether to invite the Michael Scotts and Dwight Schrutes in your life.

“Some coworkers might actually find it awkward witnessing such an intimate moment if you’ve never spent time with them outside of work.”
Debbie Pape, owner of Paper Envy

“Couples want to enjoy their wedding and be able to be themselves, so if there are people at work that they won’t feel comfortable doing that around, then don’t invite them.”
Amanda Felsman, owner of Tailored Engagements

“Do you have his or her number in your phone? It’s a good question to ask yourself when deciding which coworkers to invite, if you are only going to invite a few.”
Anne Radtke Rettig, événement planning

Alternate Plan
Inviting select coworkers after dinner for cocktails and dancing has also become more acceptable. “But don’t make them feel like it was an afterthought,” warns Pape. “Give them an invitation, even if it’s a postcard or hand delivered.”

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