Q&A: Marvin Pratt

Marvin Pratt, 71, was Milwaukee’s first African-American mayor. He lost the job after three months, but he’s moved beyond a bitter campaign.

Q&A: Kathy Mykleby

After almost 40 years in the business, Kathy Mykleby is Milwaukee’s matriarch of broadcast news. But how relevant is a TV news anchor these days? Is Milwaukee a good news town? Absolutely. And that’s probably because we’ve had the benefit of being at the center of the news of the nation. We have continued to matter even though our market has shrunk. I always think there can be a Wisconsin connection to any story, and I’m hardly ever wrong. In your early days in Milwaukee, you got passed up for promotions repeatedly. Has it been frustrating, trying to find your…

Q&A: Mark Williams

Mark Williams retired in December after handling more than 700 murder cases as Milwaukee County’s top homicide prosecutor. He’s done with death.

Q&A: Mark Bucher

Having closed his Boulevard Theatre space in Bay View, Mark Bucher begins a second act as traveling Gypsy, going from theater to theater to stage his plays. Growing up, were you the kid putting on skits in your neighborhood? I would stage things in my head, type up plays on my mom’s old Remington 1930 typewriter – wish we still had that! – and re-enact movie scenes by myself. My brothers and I used to relive bad Hollywood B horror flicks on Saturday afternoons. Such innocence, when you thought the horrors in life were so clearly marked. Who were your…