Sticky ice racing.

Photo by Josh Kurplus, courtesy of Mama Tried

Not afraid of a little danger, the Mama Tried motorcycle festival, kicking off its fourth year on Feb. 17, will hold a hair-raising (like the stunts seen here) ice race at McKinley Marina on Feb. 19, conditions permitting. The setup is pretty simple: Just plow and go. A stickier event, referred to as a “syrup race” by restaurateur and organizer Scott Johnson, is scheduled for the 17th at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Dozens of different racers are expected to whip around a circular indoor track (at various times), to which organizers will have applied a special layer of Coca Cola soda foundation syrup, using a garden sprayer. Home base for the three-day show will be the Lindsay Building, 126 S. 2nd St., where a curated motorcycle show of about 50 bikes of all kinds will be displayed. 

Photo by Josh Kurplus, courtesy of Mama Tried

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