Where to Take Milwaukee Wedding Photos

We asked a local photographer

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING a little less expected but still uniquely Milwaukee? Photographer Ari Rosenthal (arirosenthalphotography.com) has a few suggestions:

1. Look for a colorful mural.

Black Cat Alley is full of them, but many others make excellent backdrops. Rosenthal likes the four-story Westown in Bloom by Emma Daisy on James Lovell Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Photo by Ari Rosenthal

2. Explore an alley.

Rosenthal particularly likes the alleys in the Third and Fifth wards because of the rich variety and character of brick. One of note: the alley behind the Marshall Building on Buffalo and Water streets.

Photo by Ari Rosenthal

3. Consider an outdoor stairway.

For instance, Rosenthal recommends the steps leading from Stubby’s Gastropub to the Milwaukee River (off of Humboldt Avenue, just south of Riverboat Road).

Photo by Ari Rosenthal


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