We Asked Milwaukee Film What to Expect from Their Rowdy “Cats” Screenings

This isn’t your average showing of “Cats” …

Milwaukee’s very own Oriental Theatre will be hosting a “rowdy” screening of the movie Cats on Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21. If you’re like us and are curious as a cat about this “rowdy” screening, Milwaukee Film’s Marketing Director, Karina Henderson has all you need to know! 

What exactly is a “rowdy” showing?

Basically, a rowdy showing means you don’t always have to keep quiet during the screening. We’ll encourage a bit more audience interaction – cheers and responses to what’s going on on screen, that kind of thing. We’ll also set some ground rules to make sure everything stays respectful and clean (including our theater!). It’ll be a regular screening, with a little extra fun.

What can moviegoers expect?

They can expect to watch a movie without taking anything too seriously. We’re working on a couple of elements to add to the experience. And it’s not up to us, but I would hope they can expect to see lots of cat costumes in the audience!

Why did the Oriental decide to put on this “rowdy” showing of Cats?

It caught our attention when there was an online petition for it, and we thought it would be a fun thing to try. Milwaukee has a strong weird streak to it, and we try to celebrate that when we can.

Has the Oriental ever done anything like this before?

We’ve done plenty of fun screenings, and some with audience participation encouraged – things like our annual “Stop Making Sense” dance party during the Milwaukee Film Festival. This won’t be like our “Rocky Horror Picture Show” screenings – those are definitely unique.




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