April 2019

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Where the Action is
With a cold front approaching the white-hot local housing market, here are the biggest opportunities, challenges and trends right now.
By Matthew Piper, Anna Miller & Archer Parquette

Rekindling the Fires
From a no-English day care in the north woods to the Indian Community School in Franklin, Wisconsin’s Native tribes are taking action to keep their languages from dying out.
By Tom Tolan

Mother Superior
President of Alverno College. Nun of Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tireless defender of all-women’s education. Mother of Lahens. Meet Sister Andrea Lee.
By Dan Simmons


Your 414

Peep Show
The Racine Art Museum devotes its most popular annual exhibition to a sweet seasonal treat.
By Lindsey Anderson

Local Talent: Della Wells
Ascendant collage artist Della Wells reflects on her childhood and the American Dream. 
By Adam Rogan

Burlesque Is More
A Star Wars striptease on view at the Riverside Theater reminds us that the art form’s satirical roots run deep.
By Lindsey Anderson

Bobble Baubles
The 2019 Brewers have us nodding along to their latest line of stadium giveaways.
By Chris Drosner

The Top 10
April is bringing us showers … of concerts, plays and other events.

The Culture Cosmos
An unlikely connection between Neil Gaiman and the House on the Rock, and other arty items of interest
By Lindsey Anderson

Body of Work
Yoga instructor Joanna Brooks strikes a pose at the Sherman Phoenix.
By Joan Elovitz Kazan



The Big Story: A Steep Hill to Climb
Heavy rain can cause metro Milwaukee to release raw sewage into its rivers a few times a year. Here’s what’s being done about it.
By Kari Lyderson

Saving the Soldiers Home
The historic but deteriorating campus at the Milwaukee VA center is getting a new life in line with its original mission.
By Adam Rogan

The Real Milwaukee
The authentic Cream City experience, done hostel style
By Melanie Lawder



Travel by Fork
Three bright spots you’ll want to return to – for sit-down or carryout eats – again and again
By Ann Christenson

Wild Ride
“Mushroom Mike” Jozwik is a fungal tour-de-force for area restaurants.
By Ann Christenson

Addicted to the Rush
More than a decade after leaving a restaurant cooking job, a writer returns to the pans, knives and incessant heat to see if he still has what it takes.
By Nicholas Cialdini

Ask Ann
Easter brunch recommendations
By Ann Christenson



She was already a fan, but the Brewers’ embrace of a special grandson deepened her bond.
As told to Adam Rogan

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