The Air and Water Show Got Rained Out, But We Went Anyway

The Air Show was cancelled on Sunday, but there were plenty of other activities that made for a fun weekend.

The rumors are true: the Air portion of the Air and Water Show got cancelled on Sunday, July 22. As this was the day that we went to awe at marvelous air maneuvers, we were pretty bummed too, but what can you do? Although the main portion of the show was cancelled, thousands of people still came out beforehand in anticipation and hopes that Wisconsin weather would just cooperate for once.

People were camped out all over the lakefront, including the hill in front of the Water Tower.

Yes, the weather looks as gloomy as it felt. Yes, the water is as freezing as it looks. But these kids knew how to make the most out of their day.

The crowd was thick at Bradford Beach!

Although there were no official air performances on Sunday, a few planes flew over to test the fog.


While everyone was patiently waiting, the Bradford lifeguards made sure everyone was safe with the bigger waves.

One thing people often forget is how close all the planes get to the ground. Headphones (especially for the little ones) are recommended.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but one thing it cannot do is show you how loud these planes sound!

Boats stood still in the water, as the waves of Lake Michigan were just a little too rough.

A rare moment of the sun peaking through the clouds and thick fog.

People waited and sipped on a beverage or two at Bradford Beach. Still sounds like a good day to us.

People came from all over Wisconsin to enjoy the time honored tradition.

While people waited, there were plenty of activities and vendors to keep the whole family entertained.

Representatives from different branches of the U.S. Military were there to talk and answer any questions people had.

Lots enjoyed just walking around and learning about the high-tech innovations and displays.

Although the Thunderbirds couldn’t perform on Sunday due to weather, there was still plenty of merchandise and information available.




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