These Are a Few of Musician Abby Jeanne’s Favorite Things

With a few exceptions (eggs), this local chanteuse prefers the things that money can’t buy.

You might have heard her soulful vocals on a local radio station or sought her out on Spotify. The raw emotion and energy of Abby Jeanne’s voice is easy to identify. Jeanne, 25, is a singer, songwriter and producer, and her powerful music can’t be boxed into any particular genre. “Jazz, rock ’n’ roll, soul – I love it all,” she says.

After traveling the world, the Milwaukee native returned home in 2015 to collaborate and write music. Jeanne released her solo debut Rebel Love last year and is writing and recording music for her second album, due out later this year. Her single “Cosmic Beings” is in regular rotation on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and she won the station’s award for best solo artist of 2016.

Jeanne is definitely not a material girl. (She once lived in her car.) So we had to dig a little deeper to discover what Abby Jeanne truly craves.

Music — (Obviously.) Jeanne plays the piano, guitar and bass, and writes all her own lyrics. She went to art specialty schools in Milwaukee, starting at Elm Creative Arts, all the way through 12th grade at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

Books — “Without books, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” She gravitates to psychology and philosophy or romantic texts. You’ll rarely find her without Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey, which she calls life-changing.

HiFi Cafe — Jeanne’s favorite place in the entire world is HiFi Café (2640 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View). “The people are wonderful, everything is made from scratch and they’re stuck in a different era. They still have a jukebox!”

Sintra, Portugal. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Travel — Her lust for life is just too large, she admits. “I go crazy if I stay in one place too long.” She’s been all over, including India, Europe and Thailand. A favorite spot is Sintra, an old castle town in Portugal. “It’s a really beautiful town that feels like a fairy tale.” She also loves Thailand because the people are so open.

WMSE Radio — Jeanne has been listening since she was a kid. She streams it online and even has friends in India tuning in.

Watching old films — There’s a three-way tie for her favorite film: Brazil (the trippy Terry Gilliam flick from the ’80s), Bedazzled (with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) and Paper Moon (the movie that made Tatum O’Neal the youngest actress to ever win an Academy Award).

Eggs — The vegetarian eats a lot of eggs and avocados – two of her staples.

Records — Jeanne has been collecting records since she was 13. “I have a collection problem, but I am not a hoarder, I swear.” She has over 300 records, and calls it a dream come true that her music is now on vinyl. She says that Rushmor Records (2635 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.) is her favorite place to find vinyl.

Love — For Jeanne, it’s a necessary form of sustenance. “Forever and always, love will be my favorite thing

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