A Bouquet of Memories

Your wedding ceremony reflects your love story. Your flowers deserve a central role in the fairy tale.

Sure, you can think of flowers purely in terms of functionality. The bride needs a bouquet to carry. The tables need centerpieces. And the pleasant perfume of a bloom can be a calming dose of aromatherapy.

But don’t forget that every petal tells a story, and you want that story to sing. So when fussing about flowers, consider going beyond color or scent and into the realm of memory.

“It’s about capturing favorite textures, scents and colors that mirror the couple’s personality and memories to create their unique story,” says Jamie Bertsch, who runs Flower & Bee with business partner Courtney Stevens. They grow, harvest and arrange every flower that ends up in their clients’ hands, and their goal is to bring those memories to life.

That could mean including the first flower he ever gave you, the flower associated with the month you met, your grandmother’s favorite blooms, or something reminiscent of a special location. The sentiment will be as sweet as the fragrance.

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