I’m so very passionate about natural health. I am outraged by the countless stories I read and things I’ve experienced myself. In my personal opinion, I believe the FDA is not on a mission to keep this nation well. They are on a mission to create a sick nation that is dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. […]

I’m so very passionate about natural health. I am outraged by the countless stories I read and things I’ve experienced myself. In my personal opinion, I believe the FDA is not on a mission to keep this nation well. They are on a mission to create a sick nation that is dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. What the FDA allows as “okay” to put in our foods, beverages, products – are the very things making us sick, unhealthy & obese, making us reliant on medications. There is no money in healing. But there is money in medicine.

This is a testimony written by Danielle. Please read her beautiful story of how holistic healthcare was proven to be the best choice for effectiveness in her well being and healing.

Testimony Written by: Danielle, Milwaukee, WI.

I went to the doctor in November of 2010. As I began telling my doctor that I hadn’t had a period, and was having hot flashes, and gained a lot of weight (age 28) without any real cause, she just said, “Let me run a bunch of blood tests and see if we can figure out what’s going on.”

As the blood tests were coming back they just kept coming back abnormal; one after the other. To quickly sum up the blood work, I had high testosterone levels (generally a male hormone, and attributed to me being extra hairy), high glucose levels (which is a marker of type 2 diabetes), high DHEA levels (attributed to adrenal glands), my potassium was off, my estrogen levels were high, I had high blood pressure and though an ultrasound they determined that I had between 40-50 cysts on my ovaries, with some larger cysts on my left ovary. With the cysts plus the abnormal blood work they determined that I had what’s called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Since I exercised and had a decent diet, the doctors figured that I needed medicine to help me lose weight since my body wasn’t doing it on its own. So my doctor prescribed me a medication called Byetta. Byetta is not FDA approved but my doctor told me it has limited side effects and can significantly help with weight loss. So I didn’t know any better so I agreed that would be a good place to start. The Byetta are the injections that I used to give myself. I was also on a medication called Spironolactone, which was supposed to help testosterone levels and keep my blood pressure lower.

From taking the Byetta injections, I was sick. I couldn’t go anywhere without bringing a puke bag (and used it 85 percent of the time). I was throwing up everything I put into my body, I had no energy at work, and I was crying all the time, sleeping for almost 12 hours a night and barely able to walk very short distances. A good day turned out to be one where I was only throwing up three to four times. This sickness and being on Byetta lasted until April of 2011 (about six months). In April, shortly after Easter the throwing up got worse than ever. It got so bad that I slept for two days straight. Soon I got up the energy to go to the hospital. At the hospital they told me I was severely dehydrated and the blood work showed that I was very malnourished.

After this incident, my doctor finally agreed that I could stop taking the Byetta. So for the next month or so I did nothing in terms of medication. However, during this time I began seeing digestion specialists because a huge side effect of the Byetta for me was severe heartburn, and regurgitation of food (just further aggravated my acid reflux issues). In addition to the reflux, the medication caused me to have gastroparesis, or delayed digestion. This means it takes my body double the normal time to digest food. The trouble with delayed digestion is that my food all became backed up, and I had no appetite. So again, I wasn’t eating, and I was throwing up and wasn’t getting the nutrients I needed.

The digestion doctors put me on a medication called Reglan. Reglan helped cover up my symptoms really well. The heartburn decreased and I had an appetite again and I wasn’t nauseas all the time. However, after being on this medication for a few months, I began to get facial twitches. These facial twitches were a sign of a potentially dangerous neurological disorder, therefore I had to stop the medication. The facial twitches are still a problem for me as of today.

During this time of seeing the digestion doctor I knew I had to do something for the PCOS and my digestion. So in June of 2011 I sought out acupuncture.

I began working with an acupuncturist, and she has literally saved my life! At first I was going once a week and began taking digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes are whole foods, just in capsule form. They help my body digest my food and help control heartburn and reflux symptoms. And I have the phos-food that I take when I am nauseas or throwing up.

After about a month of seeing acupuncturist, I was still having anxiety and my symptoms were slowly getting better so I upped my treatment with her to twice a week. Together she and I worked on lifestyle changes, diet changes, and twice a week treatment.

Now, I am eating to heal. I eat foods that will give my body the nourishment it needs to heal as well as foods that keep my blood sugar in control.

I eat at least servings servings of vegetables per day, I eat fruit as long as it’s with protein as to not effect sugar levels, I eat under 60g of carbs per day, I eliminated wheat from my diet so I mostly eat gluten-free foods, and other than eggs and the occasional goat cheese or greek yogurt (I do not eat any dairy). I drink almond or flax seed milk for calcium and magnesium. I eat lots of spinach and kale with every meal. Basically I eat six small meals a day, eating about every three hours. However, I do not snack in between the mini meals and this gives my body a chance to digest and rest. I workout at least five to six days per week and have integrated yoga into my health. I am working on healing both my mind and my body. I still see my therapist who I’ve seen for three years and love. I have started seeing a woman who helps me learn breathing techniques and mindfulness and meditation. I am also seeing a healer, who does work with abdominal therapy. This abdominal therapy has helped realign my uterus to be centered and helps to regulate my periods. And it’s so relaxing!

Currently, I rarely throw up, and the biggest change for me has been the decrease in heartburn. My heartburn was so bad that I was in constant pain and anxious. With a decrease in heartburn my anxiety has also decreased. With including mindfulness in my work, my mood has stabilized and I feel like I am becoming more like myself again.

I went to the doctors just to get my blood levels re-checked and to check in to see how I am feeling. My acupuncturist suggested that I get my blood levels checked. As I was talking to the doctor during my appointment, I told him that I wasn’t taking any medication anymore, just digestive enzymes and occasional herbs. I also told him that I had drastically changed my diet, was doing acupuncture twice per week and have been feeling well enough to exercise almost daily.

His response was that he disagreed with me deciding not to take any prescription modern medication, and that I wasn’t helping myself, only hurting myself, and that there was no way that I was getting better.

 I then said to him, “You have to try and understand it from my perspective. First you put me on a medication that made me so sick on a daily basis, then I was on a medicine to fix the digestion problems the first medication gave me and that could have caused me a serious neurological problem. I am a little hesitant to just experiment with any old medication.” Then I went to say that I do believe that western medication has a place and is important for some people, but it’s just not right for me right now. I also told him that if my blood tests come back poorly, then we can sit down and have a discussion about medications. After I said that, he agreed to that plan, but added in, that he was not expecting my blood tests to come back well.

In a few short days I got a phone call from the nurse who said that my blood work wasn’t just lower than it had been but it was great because all of the levels were in the normal range! The nurse also then apologized on behalf of my doctor for doubting what I was doing because clearly it was working.

This is a true story of how pharmaceutical medications can do more harm than good. For every problem they mask, they can create a new problem of their own. When we use natural medicine and eat the foods we were instructed by God to eat in Genesis 1:29, it’s amazing how our bodies respond. Putting artificial foods and synthetic chemicals in our bodies is so dangerous. My sincere encouragement to everyone reading this is seek out alternative, natural health options. Get back to the garden. That’s where the healing is. Not the remedy.