99-Word Movie Reviews: Thunder Road

An under-the-radar masterpiece

This movie’s really good. I don’t even need the other 95 words. It’s hilarious, engaging, a little experimental, has a compelling central character with a rock ‘n roll performance from Jim Cummings, the Writer/Director/Star. Plus, the movie was totally independent and self-distributed (so suck on that, you Hollywood fat cats). It follows Jim Arnaud, a small-town cop whose wife left him and whose mother just died. The first scene is his mother’s funeral, during which he tries to give a eulogy/tribute performance involving Bruce Springsteen’s hit song “Thunder Road.” It’s real funny, super weird, kinda touching, and all-in-all amazing.

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How to See It

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DIRECTOR: Jim Cummings

WRITER: Jim Cummings

STARRING: Jim Cummings





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