99-Word Movie Reviews: Light of My Life

A grim but heartfelt post-apocalyptic journey through parenthood

A pandemic wipes out all women. A decade later, a father hides out in the woods with his miraculously-alive 11-year-old daughter, desperate to keep her hidden. Beautiful shots of the rain-drenched northwest and stellar central performances (writer/director Casey Affleck and Anna Pniowsky) make the movie intensely compelling, despite a lack of conventional post-apocalyptic action/survival scenes. I’m not gonna say it’s slow, because I really like this movie, but it is not fast (it opens with fifteen minutes of the father telling his daughter a story). But when things do get bad, you’ll find yourself fondly remembering those quiet scenes.

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How to See It

AVAILABLE AT: Amazon Prime Video


Light of My Life (2019)

DIRECTOR: Casey Affleck

WRITER: Casey Affleck

STARRING: Casey Affleck, Anna Pniowsky




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