6 New Board Games to Check Out This Season

You won’t get bored with these new board games.

1. Wavelength

AGES 14+ | 2-12 PLAYERS

A party game with two teams trying to read each others’ minds. Talk, think and use a bit of sorcery in this word game that anyone can play. Guide your teammates to guess where the hidden target is using words like “hot,” “cold,” “fantasy” or “Sci-Fi.”

2. Awkward Moment

AGES 2-4 | 3-8 PLAYERS

Players are put in very awkward social situations, gather reaction cards and face embarrassing, stressful events. Take turns as “The Decider” using decider cards to determine the basis for a winning reaction. Try to impress the decider with the best response from a hand of cards.

3. Wildlife Tree Oceans Strategy


Oceans depicts the interconnected ecosystem of marine life, combined with mysteries of the unknown. Mysterious marine life traits like tentacles and black ink test your ability to adapt to changing environments.

4. We’re Really Not Strangers

AGES 15+ | 2-6  PLAYERS

Three levels of questions and wildcards will deepen your relationships with those you know – or do you? It’s great for creating new relationships as well.

5. The Search for Planet X

AGES 13+ | 1-4 PLAYERS

Take on astronomer roles by observing and deducing in a search for hypothetical Planet X. Accompanied by an app, randomly select objects and location for this planet. Rounds correspond to Earth, traveling around the sun. Propose theories to score points.

6. Ticket to Ride: London Days of Wonder


Stay warm this season with a cool version of board game, Ticket to Ride: London Days of Wonder. Tour London on a double decker bus, visiting famous districts like Trafalgar Square and Baker Street, all while claiming routes and completing districts with cards drawn from a transportation card deck. The player who claims the most districts wins. You may even see The Queen or Sherlock Holmes along the way.