5 Under-the-Radar Wisconsin Sports Clips for Fans Missing Live Games

We know it’s tough out there for sports fans, so we created this list to cheer you up.

Since most of the population is stuck inside and there’s no live sports to be had, many fans are turning to youtube or streaming services to catch up on classic games or historic events.

But every sports fan knows that it can’t all be thrills and big wins. Looking for something a little more “off the beaten path” to get your Wisconsin sports fix? Check out these clips:

Brewers host the White Sox for the NBC Game of the Week, August 4, 1984

The baseball season has a comforting continuity to it, a daily presence that many fans take for granted. While there are a handful of big games that draw your full attention, often times it is simply functions as a background to your regular day. Take a meaningless Saturday afternoon game between the out-of-contention Brewers and the middling White Sox in 1984, for example. There is nothing particularly memorable about this match-up, aside from five Hall of Famers in the lineup, Vin Scully on the mic, and a picture-perfect afternoon at County Stadium.

Reaching for the Top: The Story of the 1988 Milwaukee Brewers

Back when home video players were just moving into the mainstream, sports highlight tapes were briefly a boom market. Thus, we get this 30-minute VHS masterpiece honoring the 87-win 1988 Brewers, who – thanks to a late-season surge – finished just two games out of first place. Hosted by Bob Uecker and featuring multiple musical montages (The Monkees highlight the soundtrack), this tape will make any fan nostalgic for the days when Gary Sheffield, Joey Meyer, and Glenn Braggs were all signs of better days ahead.


Countdown to a Dream: The 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks

Presented by the Miller Brewery and produced by Crivello Films, this very, very Seventies feature documents the title run of the 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks. Packed with footage of the old Milwaukee Arena, the film is a reminder of both just how dominant the ‘70-‘71 team was and how quickly (it was just their third season) they rose to the top.

Reggie’s Prayer


Sure, you could watch the Packers win Super Bowl XXXI for the millionth time, but why not instead appreciate the, um, “art” that is Reggie’s Prayer, the feature-length drama produced by and starring Reggie White. Released the same week the Packers won the title, the film was meant to be a vehicle of uplift, with White playing the lead role of Reggie Knox, a just-retired NFL star who finds his purpose in coaching and mentoring at-risk kids. The real highlight of the picture, however,  is the acting debut of Brett Favre as Bert, the Lennie Small half of a father and son janitor duo. Mike Holmgren plays the father and, sharing the screen with Favre, comes across like George C. Scott. Also watch for appearances by Bryce Paup, Keith Jackson, and MC Hammer.

Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports

Speaking again of VHS tapes, this blooper reel hosted by Bob Uecker is as much worth watching for the Ueck content as it is the follies. It opens with a sequences of Uecker dreaming fondly of making the Hall of Fame – cuddling a Brewers teddy bear, no less – and includes a tour of Uecker’s home and a trip through his family album, all with plenty of hilarious, off-the-cuff Ueckerisms. “Here’s a trophy I picked up in a marble tournament,” he says, petting a tiny gold cup on his mantle. “It might not seem like much to you, but I was 23 at the time.” Another volume of the Wacky World series can be found here.