5 Things to Do in Milwaukee This Week That Don’t Involve a Crowd: April 6-9

Here are some things to keep you entertained this week.

1. Present Music’s Virtual Hootenanny

On Wednesday at 6 p.m. Present Music will host their first Virtual Hootenanny. They are creating a free online space for the community to gather around art and music being created right now.

2. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

This mobile game may or may not have attempted to eat my soul a few years ago when it first came out. You get to build your own Springfield, populated by all the best Simpsons characters (as well as all the forgettable bit parts, as the developers are forced to dig deeper into the vault with each new update). This game is still going strong with new content, and if there was ever a time to get lost in a tiny fictional world while cooped up alone in your room, this is it.

3. Make Your Own Quarantine Playlist

A new playlist could be exactly what you need to pass these long days. Include some old throwbacks and dig up some new music, then put on your headphones and relax. 

4. Tune in to Virtual Story Time

Catered toward families, each Wednesday Arts@Large is hosting a virtual story time. Each week there will be a new host and a new story. 

5. Stream Big Time Adolescence

Fresh on Hulu, this movie’ll hit you with some much-needed ha ha ha’s and maybe even a couple cathartic tears. Pour one out for all the homies we left behind.