5 Reasons to See Florentine Opera’s ‘Così fan Tutte: REMIX’

The opera is a fresh take – set in the ’80s – on Mozart and Da Ponte’s 1790 opera.

Mozart and Da Ponte’s well-known opera Così fan Tutte comes to life on stage in a 1980s remix of the classic. Six college students find themselves on the cusp of graduation. The two couples and their friends debate the nature of gender roles, attraction and their futures. At one final party before the end of their undergraduate careers, a game of truth or dare exposes a secret that makes the couple question everything about each other. The second part of the show flashes forward to 20 years in the future at the class reunion, where old feelings and nostalgia are brought up again. Here are five reasons why you should go see this world premiere performance of the Florentine Opera’s Così fan Tutte: REMIX

1. The Singing

The beloved songs from this opera were modernized and rewritten in English by Kelly Rourke, and the incredible cast did such a beautiful job performing them. Their voices were powerful, conveying the many emotions the characters were feeling throughout the show. From Fiordiligi’s (Laura McCauley) beautiful and empowering solo, repeating “I am woman. Hear me roar,” to exquisitely balanced ensemble number at the end of part one. 

Così fan Tutte: REMIX at the Florentine Opera; Photo by Traveling Lemur Productions


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2. The Comedy

Speaking of the end of part one, the scene was delightfully chaotic, with all the characters drunk and miserable after truth or dare went awry. The show overall is a comedy, but this scene was definitely the highlight. The facial expressions of the performers, the stacks and stacks of pizza boxes, the lyrics of the song all came together to create a wonderfully hilarious scene. And throughout the show, there were many moments that had the audience – myself included – up in laughter. 

Così fan Tutte: REMIX at the Florentine Opera; Photo by Traveling Lemur Productions

3. The Music

Così fan Tutte: REMIX was accompanied by a small band, including members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Not only did they create a great backdrop to the singer’s voices, but they also performed a few songs during scene and costume changes that were really lovely additions to the show. 

4. The Nostalgia 

The student union, the People magazines, the outfits, the hairstyles – the 1980s nostalgia was such a fun part of the show. The costume, set and wig/makeup designers went all out in embracing the nostalgia for the scene set in 1984. And it’s worth noting too that the 2004 reunion also had some great nods to early naughts life. 

Così fan Tutte: REMIX at the Florentine Opera; Photo by Traveling Lemur Productions

5. It’s Approachable

If you’ve never been to the opera before, this is a great one to attend. It’s in English and has that modern take on the classic opera, making it approachable to those who maybe aren’t as familiar with opera. The story shares themes with the original opera, but being set in the 1980s, it brings those themes out of the 1790s (when the original Così fan Tutte opera was written) and to a present day audience. It’s very possible to enjoy this show with little to no knowledge of the original opera or knowledge of opera in general. 

Florentine Opera’s Così fan Tutte: REMIX has three more performances left, running March 19, 24 and 26 and the Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall at the Marcus Performing Arts Center. It runs 90 minutes with no intermission. Tickets are available online



Brianna Schubert is the associate digital editor and writes about art, culture and more at Milwaukee Magazine. When she’s not writing/editing, she’s likely reading (follow her book reviews on Instagram at @read_with_bee), cooking or listening to Taylor Swift.