Marc Maron, the prolific comedian, podcast host, author, titular television star and self-proclaimed “feral cat wrangler” discusses his career behind the microphone.

Can you believe you’ve released almost 800 episodes of WTF with Marc Maron?

No, it’s been amazing. So many episodes and we’ve never taken a week off. It’s been kind of daunting looking back at how many are up there.

Do you find yourself talking more about politics in your set than before?

I’ll certainly be talking about my feelings around what’s happening. I’m not just doing one-liners. It’s having an effect on my brain. So because I’m in the moment, I will talk about how I’m feeling and maybe other people can relate to that.

Do you ever find yourself burned out on interviewing people?

I think I do, but then I don’t because interviewing people is a big part of my social life. It does something more for me than just a job or an interview. I like talking to people.

What’s more nerve-racking: standing behind the theater curtain before a sold-out show or waiting for a distinguished guest like Barack Obama?

Probably a really big guest. Not knowing what’s going to happen when you sit down with a guest is a little nerve-racking sometimes. With comedy, I know roughly what’s going to happen because I’m the only one talking, if everything’s going as it should.

Do you see yourself more as a comedian or a podcast host?

I’ve always been a comedian. There’s not a lot of difference between who I am on the podcast and who I am onstage as a comic.

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